Picture this

A camera around my neck isn’t a surprise if you’ve met me. At the beginning of high school I took the fundamental photography class and absolutely fell in love. People tend to forget the amount of effort it takes to actually make a print of an image, but how can I blame them, technology is rising more then ever. I became interested in developing film and making prints in the dark room. This doesn’t go to say that when film didn’t come out or I just couldn’t seem to leave my contact sheet under the enlarger long enough that I wouldn't become frustrated and begin hanging out with friends again. lol. 

After completing the first class, I quickly jumped into the next, and then the next. Then I landed in AP. I can’t blame anyone but myself for that choice. A roll a week sounded exciting until I couldn’t even think of what to take pictures of. My concentration changed from balloons, to the moon, to fashion. But quickly I became obsessed with the idea of photographing things that reminded me of my mother.

The central idea of these final pieces were to explain how after my mother passed away, I still continued to walk in her footsteps throughout my life. “If you want to know what someone fears loosing, watch what they photograph”, my memory of my mother seems to be fading over time and I can only seem to remember by looking through old photo albums. I started this phase of photographing how I felt after loosing her. I feel that I can only carry the memory of my mother on through photographs that display emotion of her personality.

Through these pieces of work, the demonstration of preserving the memory of my mother, I played off a running thread, which was dragging your eye to the left side of the photograph. The beginning photograph my mother is on the left side of the bed, while I’m on the right, shortly after the photo was shot, my mother passed away. Looking through all of my photographs there seems to be a running thread of a heavy weight dragging your eye to the left side of the photo, very ironic because that was never planned. My favorite example of this would be in the sixth photo. The shadow is faint as if my mother is still with me, while the dress is dark giving me strength. My last photo shows the light directly shining on my face presenting that my mother shines through me as time goes on. I also played off the idea of light vs dark. At times when life is hard that would be considered the dark, but not too far away there would be light shining through. The 10th image in the set of pictures explains this idea perfectly.

Photography has helped me throughout my life in multiple things. Many small like surviving with life, and huge things like preserving the memory of my mother. It has become something that I’ve found I’m beyond blessed with and wouldn’t trade it for the world.